Kiteboarder – Hydrofoil Course

Riding the magic carpet

You are tired of choppy water, getting wet and now you want to fly.The hydrofoil course won’t necessarily keep you dry though it will help you master the art of flight. Learning to ride a hydrofoil has quite a learning curb around it. No matter your level of kiteboarding, it is important to take a professional course to learn how to hydrofoil. In this course you will learn theory, board management, proper body drag technique, how to ride it and then advanced skills so you can foil in style!


12 years


For younger students, the Instructor must follow the online course “Teaching to Children”




Depending on student’s knowledge, weather conditions during the course, spot configuration ( flat? shallow? waves? …)

Level 5


Achieved Skills and certification levels

Level 5 – Hydrofoil

1 – Terminology

2 – Equipment choice for hydrofoil

3 – SEA assessment for hydrofoil

4 – Set up and trim a hydrofoil board

5 – Carry the hydrofoil board on land with no kite

6 – Enter/exit the water with the board with no kite

7 – Put the board on the feet with no kite

8 – Enter the water with the kite and board

9 – Body-drag with the board

10 – Steady-pull

11 – Waterstart

12 – Riding on the foil

13 – Controlled stops and basic turns

14 – S-turns

15 – Ride toeside

16 – Jibe

17 – Tack

18- Jumps

19 – Backrolls

20 – Boardoffs

21- go big air / Kiteloops



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