The hotel in Marsala-Sicily an Italian kite dream

A kitesurf destination in Europe that really has it all! Delicious food, beautiful nature, friendly people, a world-class kite spot with.. WIND! In short: The Italian Kitesurf Dream. Travel with us this summer to Marsala: a unique kite camp and the newest beanomad destination!
data 2023

July 14 to August 25, arrival and departure on Fridays.


Participate with 15 kiters per week. Whatsapp group

car rental

You need a car to drive to different spots, join the WhatsApp group to share with someone from the group.


Everyone books the round-trip flight to Trapani.


Feel the thrill of the Mistral and Sirocco

Join the forces of nature and feel the thrill of the Mistral and Sirocco – two influential wind systems in the Mediterranean region, including Sicily. Brave the cold blast of the Mistral, a northerly wind blowing from the northwest, across France and western Italy.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is the southernmost part of Italy. Due to its location, the weather is warm and the kitesurfing season is very long in La Stagnone, Marsala. The temperature in the spring and fall is around 20 degrees Celsius, which is why the season starts in March and lasts until November. These conditions are similar to Tarifa, the world’s largest kitesurfing destination. However, Sicily has one major advantage: it is not as busy, so even beginners can feel safe while practicing. La Stagnone offers a unique kitespot with flat, shallow water and thermal wind. These are the ingredients of the perfect kitesurfing destination!

kitespots Sicillië

La Stagnone in Sicily is a suitable kitespot for both beginners and advanced riders. The environment is designed for easy practicing and perfecting tricks and upwind riding. There is no worry about losing the board as it is easily retrievable if it gets loose. Even if the level is average and there is no ability to kite against the wind yet, it is easy to walk back and practice more, saving time.

Good value for Europe

Despite being a popular tourist destination for years, the prices in Sicily are still very reasonable!

  • Beer €1.50
  • Pizza €7
  • Dinner €10-25
  • Lunch around €10″

Share your room with 2 to 3 other kite enthusiasts! We always try to separate men and women.


Want more privacy? Book a private apartment.


Traveling with your partner? Book a private apartment!

What’s included?
Positive Vibrations Only!

We organize the perfect kitesurfing vacation based on the Hakuna Matata principle, meaning “No Worries” in Swahili. Our standard package always includes accommodation in a cool kite villa, delicious breakfast, kite service, coaching, etc. Check below for everything included in this trip and what else you can add to make your experience truly personalized and tailored to your goals!

How far is the accommodation from the kite spot? Where is the best place to rent a car or scooter? What is the wind like and what equipment should I bring? What is the group like? How do I fly to Sicily? We recommend flying with Easyjet to Palermo. Easyjet has low prices starting at €150 round trip. How long is the flight and from the airport to the Kite Villa? What is the nightlife like? I can’t go during this period

70% wind & average 30C
boardshort – bikini

Italian dream Kitecamp Sicilië Vanaf 599 / persoon
Italian dream Kitecamp Sicilië from 599 / persoon